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Musician and Composer



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Paolo Schianchi is now considered by many one of the best Italian musicians of his generation.
In Tv, Sorrisi & Canzoni (the most popular weekly magazine in Italy), the critic Alessandro Rostagno defined him as the best out of the talented youngsters to perform live for the Rai Nuovi Talenti project.

When Alberto Radius, Italy’s guitar legend, heard him play live for the first time on RaiUno (Italian national TV’s main broadcaster), he subsequently stated on RaiDue: «I’ve been playing for 50 years, I know what I’m talking about but he’s the only person I know who makes my hair… stand on end! That’s what it’s all about: feeling the music».

He is a musician, composer, researcher and inventor. He has received numerous national and international awards (Giovani Talenti, Rovere D’Oro, Ermo Colle, …) both as guitarist and composer, gaining experience with several of the world’s most renowned guitarists. He plays all existing variations of the guitar.
He graduated with full marks from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia with his first degree and also a ten-year Diploma in guitar, to which he then added a second post-diploma Master with honours at Level II (the highest possible in the Italian system) in Music and Guitar and a third Master at II Level, again with the top grade, in Instrumental Teaching.
He has written music both for solo guitar and for various orchestral ensembles, for numerous concerts and theatrical performances, the most recent of which was “Canto Popolare” with Maddalena Crippa, on a long tour started in 2008.
He is the first musician of our age to have retrieved, restored and transcribed part of the Renaissance composer Santino Garsi’s music, with research carried out together with the lutenist Massimo Lonardi. Inspired by these same manuscripts, he wrote the music for the concert-show Cambi di Tempo (Changes In Time) reshaping Garsi’s works and transferring them to jazz, rock and progressive re-elaborations, demonstrating that genre has no confines.

He has been performing in concerts and teaching on both national and international scale at a number of schools and academies (such as the Conservatorio Statale di Musica F. Venezze di Rovigo) and has been invited to hold master classes in prestigious schools and universities internationally, such as the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the Duke Ellington School Of The Arts (Washington D.C.) and Saint Francis University (PA).
Paolo Schianchi is currently guitar instructor at the Liceo Musicale “Attilio Bertolucci” in Parma (Italy).

His solo concert, entitled Instrumental Metamorphoses (Metamorfosi Strumentali), for which he worked on the music, script, direction, technical equipment, quadraphonic and hexaphonic spatialisation, has attracted the attention and critical acclaim of experts and enthusiasts the world over, and has brought thousands of online visits on the YouTube site, together with a unanimously enthusiastic response from both critics and the public, and the recognition of Peter Stein, one of the world’s leading theatre directors.

From 2003 to 2007 working alongside a number of Italian engineers and luthiers, he designed, created and finally patented Octopus®, a complex electro-acoustic system that is currently unique worldwide, which enables him to play several guitars contemporaneously using both hands and feet, mixing their sounds in real time exclusively live, which he has recently performed with at several important concert venues (including the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome) and, again, live, on direct national broadcast (RaiUno e RaiDue) and on Swiss TV RSI Rete Due.
One of his works has become part of the sound track of the film with John Turturro “Somewhere Tonight” (2011); another piece of his works is in an album where he is interpreter and arranger as a special guest together with artists of the caliber of Steve Hackett (Genesis).

Thanks to his talent and music, in 2012 he was the first Artist in Residence ever on contract with the SFU in Pennsylvania.
He has recently been chosen from among over two thousand artists by the Italian Fondazione Q (Quality Foundation) who will produce his solo album – the music is entirely his own – on a 49-string harp-guitar made specially for him by the Argentine luthier Carlos Roberto Michelutti. The album is going to be released in 2015.
Paolo Schianchi arranged and recorded for Red Canzian‘s solo album “L’Istinto e le Stelle” released on Sept. 2014 (Red Canzian is the bass player of the Italian band Pooh, who has sold over 100 million records and is one of the longest-standing bands in the world and the most important pop group in Italy’s recording industry).


«The best guitarist I’ve ever witnessed. It’s rare to meet someone who is setting the bar for other
musicians. Paolo is one of these people. He is one of those rare musicians who forces me to reconsider what is possible in music. Calling Schianchi a virtuoso is like calling Pavarotti a good singer. He is the rare mix of tremendous talent and humble spirit.»
Jim Donovan, multi-platinum recording artist, founding member of Rusted Root (collaborations: Carlos Santana, Led Zeppelin, Sting, etc.)

«Technical security and a high degree of artistry in his interpretation. He is a talented young player who has a bright musical future.»
David Russell, Grammy Award winner

«Paolo is one of the most gifted, knowledgeable, hard working, musicians I’ve ever met.
Anybody that has had the privilege of listening to his performances knows what an incredible artist he is. Furthermore, only a handful of players in the world have the depth of understanding of the history of the guitar instrument that Paolo Schianchi has.»
Giulio Carmassi, Pat Metheny Unity Group

«Paolo Schianchi is one of the finer guitarists to emerge from his generation. I have watched him blossom into a world-class performing artist. His artistry is completely unique. I cannot overstate my enthusiasm for Mr. Schianchi’s music and the esteem he enjoys from his peers.»
Andrew Zohn, Associate Professor, Columbus State University (GA)

«First and foremost an extraordinary technical mastery of the instrument, instinct and fantasy in seeking (and finding) new solutions to musical language as well as new instruments. Infallible communication with the audience. 100% concentration and participation during performances.
Maybe you are that musician who is destined to fell the misleading barrier between so-called pop and sophisticated music.»
Edoardo Müller, San Diego Opera’s principal guest conductor from 1980 to 2011 (The Three Tenors)


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